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Parent and baby – 6 months – 24 months

These classes are designed to be an introduction to swimming in a fun environment and will teach basic safety, limb movement and some underwater work. Key aims are for babies and toddlers to be completely confident & comfortable in the water and under the water, with the focus of the instructor teaching you to teach your baby.

Parent & Toddler – 20/24 months – 3.5yrs

Whilst parents are in the water our toddlers are taught directly, being encouraged to experiment with water and develop independence and group confidence. Fun aspects of swimming are reinforced with the aim of being able to use equipment, take instruction and be ready to have lessons without parents in the water.

Under 5s Beginners (3/3.5-5yrs)

Our entry level class for those children new to swimming. It will provide a valuable introduction to teacher lead formal lessons without parents. Key aims are to develop water confidence, water safety, general introduction to basic aquatic skills and strokes. The perfect environment to start your child’s swimming journey with us.

Over 5s Beginners (5yrs + )

Our entry level group aimed at school aged children. The teaching approach uses the pupil’s greater maturity and developed learning ability. The key aims are similar to the above and children are taught in a learning environment with their peers.

Under 5 Intermediates (3.5- up to 5yrs)

Our under 5 intermediates are already little swimmers. It will suit children who are used to a lesson environment and can swim 5m independently on their front and back.

Intermediates (5yrs +)

As above and tailored to school aged children.

Improvers 1 (5-6yrs +)

This class is ideal for those children can swim 10m recognisable front crawl and backstroke, 5m breaststroke and butterfly desirable. Our swimmers have the opportunity to develop all strokes up to 15m, building on their knowledge of aquatic skills and water safety.

Improvers 2 (6yrs +) Lessons take place at Hurstpierpoint College

This level will suit those who need the challenge of a bigger pool and can confidently swim 15m+ in Front crawl, backstroke. Breaststroke, and butterfly up to 10m desirable.

Our swimmers will be building technique and stamina to swim up to 25m, further advance water safety and deep-water activities such as diving.

Advanced 1 (7yrs+)

Congratulations! Swimmers at this level can swim over 25m Front crawl and Backstroke and 15m+ on breaststroke and butterfly desirable.

We have a range of exciting water safety skills, distance swims and further develop great swimming technique.

Advanced 2 (8yrs+)

Our programme now offers swimmers to opportunity to start swimming over 50m, learn to use the pace clock, diving off the blocks and learning the foundations of competitive swimming starts and turns. We continue to develop advanced water safety skills and challenges.

Squad (9+)

Squad sessions are for those who love to swim just for fun and for those who are interested in swimming competitively. Our syllabus included advanced stroke development, starts, turns, sprints and distance training. We will also offer guidance and preparation for those who want to progress to a swimming club.

This is a mixed group for those who just have to stay in the water that bit longer…